My Interesting Morning

So, I wake up this morning before dawn to check my email before my flight. I do what I do, grab my bags and get a cab. The cab driver doesn’t really speak English and points towards the government palace, makes a shooting action with his fingers and says “very bad, very bad”.

I get to the airport and there are a bunch of Australian troops there with their guns drawn. I didn’t really put the two together and just sort of sat and waited for the plane to load. There were no maintainace workers, no weather problems and no one seemed late. Nonetheless, the flight was 90 minutes late in taking off.

When we land in Darwin, we are met by some Australian police and they tell us that the President of East Timor was assassinated this morning.

I get to a computer a few minutes ago and find out he wasn’t killed. Him and the Prime Minister were both attacked. Someone mentioned something about a rebel leader who was out in the bush being killed last night, but I have heard no confirmation of that in the news.

I took some video yesterday of a protest or a march or something I saw on the streets of Dili. I have no idea if the two are linked.

Anyway, I’m safely in Darwin, Australia. Going to get something to eat and try to kill 10 hours until I go back to the airport. I’ll be sleeping in an airplane tonight.

Exit, Stage East

I leave Dili for Darwin in a few hours.

While I haven’t spent much time here in East Timor, the experience has been very eye opening. I spent yesterday walking the streets of Dili taking video. I happened upon a demonstration by a local martial arts club (aka gang). Once I get settled in Australia, you will be assaulted with all the photos and lengthy posts I’ve promised to write over the last month.

My flight from Darwin to Melbourne is at Midnight, so I’ll basically have to kill 12 hours in Darwin. I really hope there are lockers where I can store my bag at the airport.

I’ve been really looking forward to Australia. Perhaps almost too much. I’ve been getting lots of advice from Aussies about what to see and do in the country.

I am guessing I’ll be logging on in Darwin at a Starbucks or something. The internet here is VERY slow. I think the whole country is on dial-up. This is probably on a par with the quality of the internet I found in the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.