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Daily Travel Photo – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga Harbor, Cook Islands

Rarotonga Harbor, Cook Islands

I took this at the harbor in Rarotonga. While I was in Rarotonga, it was mostly overcast and raining so I didn’t get to take many photos. This photo gives you can idea how lush the island was and how small it is. You can drive around the entire island in about an hour on a scooter.

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  1. Jan says:

    Love your photo of the Iao Needle on Rarotonga. Back in the 1980s my husband and I spent a week on Rarotonga and climbed to the top of the mountain. It was an amazing experience as we climbed up the roots of trees slipping and sliding after the rain had left the soil wet and slippery.
    The sight of the rock formation at the top that closely resembled a face was almost eerie but the view from the top was fantastic.
    When we returned to the place where we were staying the owner said that she had climbed tto the top of the Needle once but found it too strange to ever return again.
    Raro is a great place to hang out and we went back again on our way to New Zealand. But we didn’t repeat our climb.

  2. XTourist says:

    Hey…just have to say…i love your pictures, and this one is really nice.

  3. Nicole says:

    That’s beautiful!
    I love those mountains – remind me a bit of Korea.

  4. Pandora says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. Barb Russell says:

    Hi Gary:
    Rarotonga does look very lush, on a sunny day it would be beautiful. Glad you made it out of Bali, and can take a few days to regroup.
    Your a lucky guy, to experience the world.
    Glad you are sharing w/ the rest of us.


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