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Daily Travel Photo – Tavewa Island, Fiji

Green Flash, Tavewa Island, Fiji

Green Flash, Tavewa Island, Fiji

This photo requires some explanation. It looks just like a normal sunset, and it is. However, if you look at the middle of the photo where the sea and the sky meet, you will notice a small dot of green. That is called the green flash. At the moment the tip of the sun goes below the horizon, you can see a brief burst of green as light is bent into the green part of the spectrum. It only lasts a second and you usually need binoculars to see it clearly. If you watch it live, it looks like a green line shrinking into a point. I had to click like mad as the top of the sun was setting below the horizon to capture the green flash. I’ve linked to a very large version of the photo so you can see it better.

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  1. Kat says:

    I’d seen Pirates of the Caribbean, but didn’t realize this was a real phenomenon! Beautiful. What perfect timing.

  2. Jeny Jose says:

    Price for your Patience…. walked with time… :)

  3. Cole says:

    that is awesome. i wonder what causes it?

  4. Travel Betty says:

    That’s too cool. I just watched the Pirates movie this weekend and thought it was just a silly plot point. I’m intrigued now that I know it’s real. Good luck with the continuation of your trip! I really enjoy your blog.

    Travel Betty

  5. Dale says:

    Great view, The water looks so calm


  6. David says:

    GARY! Holy freaking Jehusaphats. Nice job with the blog, but better yet: Nice job with your WorldTour! Please get in touch with me if you are in this part of the World! I am an asst prof now at the National University of Singapore and you should really squeeze in a visit while you are on this side of the planet.Good to see you are spending your time in more meaningful pursuits!

  7. kevin says:

    Congrats, it is a very difficult thing to capture on film. I had many chances on a research cruise in the Equatorial Pacific, but failed, as the boat’s pitching didn’t help. But it did grant two green flashes in one day, as we saw the first one, then the boat pitched down and up again so high, that we could see the edge of the sun and another green flash.

  8. Greg Bell says:

    Gary, I remembered your earlier post about the green flash when I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last weekend. I had never heard of it before your blog.

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