Daily Travel Photo – Tavewa Island, Fiji

Posted: January 3, 2008    Categories: Daily Photo

Green Flash, Tavewa Island, Fiji

Green Flash, Tavewa Island, Fiji

This photo requires some explanation. It looks just like a normal sunset, and it is. However, if you look at the middle of the photo where the sea and the sky meet, you will notice a small dot of green. That is called the green flash. At the moment the tip of the sun goes below the horizon, you can see a brief burst of green as light is bent into the green part of the spectrum. It only lasts a second and you usually need binoculars to see it clearly. If you watch it live, it looks like a green line shrinking into a point. I had to click like mad as the top of the sun was setting below the horizon to capture the green flash. I’ve linked to a very large version of the photo so you can see it better.

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