Tooting My Own Horn

Posted: November 26, 2007    Categories: Asia, Japan

Steam and Autum Trees - Nara, Japan (by Everything Everywhere)
While I’m not thrilled about the temperature, at least the leaves are colorful

I’m sitting here going through all my photos from Tokyo and Nikko. It’s a lot. I’m also my last night in Japan and I’m recharging the old batteries tonight.

That isn’t a euphemism for resting either. I literally have to recharge all my batteries. Both of my laptop batteries were dead. Both of my SLR batteries were dead. My pocket camera battery was dead. I also got to unload a lot of the stuff I had been carrying around and sent it home today. I really needed to repack my bags. Entropy was setting in.

I also should mention some things which are happening:

  • I had an article published at Brave New Traveler. “10 Tips for Managing Your Online Life On The Road.
  • I was interviewed by a Japanese TV show, Nippon@World. I have no idea if the footage will ever be online or how to find it if it is.
  • Some of my blog posts have been picked up by They also published an interview with me a few weeks ago.
  • I should be interviewed by Indie Travel Podcast soon. We’ve been meaning to do it since I was in Taiwan but it just hasn’t worked out with both of us having a good internet connection at the same time. What I like about the show that Craig and Linda do, is that it is all done on the road.
  • Also, you may have noticed the link on the side of the site for the Bloggers Choice Awards. I was sort of late in getting it up for 2007. However, the 2008 voting has started and so far I’m in 5th place and the top blog by someone who is actually…you, know….traveling. If you voted before, you might have to do it again because they reset the votes for 2008. Likewise, if you haven’t voted, please do like they do in Chicago: vote early and often. It only takes a few seconds to register and vote. (I’m listed under travel and photography blog btw).

I’d also like to put out a call for help. If anyone can assist me in a few things, it would be great.

  • I’m looking for someone who can do some simple graphic design. I’d like to get some business cards printed with the URL for the website and my contact info. I meet so many people that ask about my website and ask if I have a card. I would like something to give people so they can contact me later on. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Does anyone know anything about the innards of Google Maps and the KML format? I’m having problems with my map. When I look at it, I can’t see my pins and routes. Doesn’t matter what browser I use. When others look at it is works. Moreover, they see the latest updates, so it isn’t a matter of caching. What is the deal? It works fine in Google Earth, but not in Google Maps. If I trying viewing the KLM directly at the Google Maps site, it says it can’t find the flie, yet I can download it when I go to it directly.
  • I purchased a 160gb external hard drive in Hawaii for my photos. It is almost full. I’m not asking for help, just complaining out loud. I’m thinking of using some online archive service. South Korea will be the place do to it as they have the best bandwidth in the world (100mb to 90% of all households)
  • As I’m not going to be home for Christmas, I’m going to be making print calendars from my photos as gifts. If anyone (not in my family) is interested in having one, let me know. I can have them sent for cost. I have no idea what photos I’ll use yet. I don’t expect much demand, but I figure I’d at least make it available.

See you next time in Korea!!

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