Back to Samoa III

I’m back in Samoa for the third and last time. I got to fly first class from Tonga to Samoa for a whopping one hour.

Next few days will be logistical work.

Today I get my visa at the Chinese Embassy (small countries are a great place to get visas. The embasies have nothing else to do).

Tomorrow I hope to be off to Fiji to get another visa (Kiribati. Why in the world they make Americans get a visa is beyond me. They need all the tourism they can get, Hawaii is the cloest major place to them, and one of only two international flights that fly into the country comes from the US. Making tourism difficult isn’t something which is a good idea for small countries usually)

I have two longer posts with photos I have to post still from Tonga. I have some more Tonga photos uploaded and hope to get a few more up in the next few days.