Sounds Good

Tomorrow I’m off to Milford Sound. The place which is usually rated the #1 attraction in New Zealand. I hope I get good weather.

I decided to stay in Queenstown and take a tour bus to the Sound, rather than drive. Once gas and everything was factored in, I was about the same just staying here and taking the tour. Either way, you have to hire a boat cruise to visit Milford Sound, so this way I don’t have to drive in the dark in the rain, plus I get to stay at a hostel with free wireless access all night.

That means all the photos I’ve been unable to upload the last week are getting sent to Flickr while I sleep. I can also burn all my photos from Easter Island and Rarotonga to DVD tonight too.

I’ll be in Queenstown tomorrow night as well after the bus gets back, then on Saturday I’ll start the drive back to Auckland via Dunedin, Christchurch, the ferry and back up the North Island.

I expect the trip back to go much faster if only because I wont be driving on winding mountain roads on the east side of the island. It should be somewhat straight shot both South Island and North Island.