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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Waikiki, Why?

I’m currently staying at a hotel about two blocks away from the Waikiki beach. I couldn’t get into a hostel but the hotel I’m staying at is only a bit more per night more than a private hostel room, and I get my own bathroom and a kitchenette, so its not so bad. Considering how […]

SCUBA Steve Says…

I’m now officially a PADI certified open water diver. This means I can sign up at places to do basic dives with compressed air. I still had issues going down in depth. Everyone else in my group could dive to 20 feet with no problem. I had to sink down a few feet at a […]

Random Thoughts on Maui

Before I leave Maui, I think I like to get down some random thoughts on life here on Maui. I paid $4.00 a gallon for gas this week. The very windy Hana coast road I wrote about earlier had only one gas station that I could find. It charged $4 per gallon. The price around […]


I did my first two SCUBA dives today. It was pretty cool except for two things: 1) I can’t handle changes in pressure very well. We didn’t go down that far (about 20 feet) and my ears were killing me. They still seem a bit plugged up. 2) My face mask seemed like it was […]

SCUBA SCUBA Doo, Where Are you?

Today I had the classroom part of my PADI Open Water Dive certification. I rocked. I’m good at test taking. I’m taking my instruction at Lahaina Divers, which seem like a pretty good outfit (the fact that they’re a block away from my hostel doesn’t hurt either). SCUBA is something I’ve never really given any […]

More Maui Makes Me Merry

Instead of leaving Maui before schedule, I’m going to be staying a few days longer so I can get my SCUBA certification in. The best I could do was a class that starts on Wednesday and ends on Friday. Today (Tuesday) I’m going to drive down the Hana coast and take photos and read my […]


On Sunday, I got up early, dropped my rental car off at the airport and took a flight from Hilo to Maui. The time I spent in security took longer than the actual flight. When I arrived in Maui, I had happen what I dreaded. My debit card was declined. This happened the last time […]

Sunset with the Gods

The ancient Hawaiians thought that the snow capped peak of Mauna Kea was the home of the gods. Today is just the home of the largest astronomical telescopes on Earth. I spent my last day on the Big Island on top of Mauna Kea and got to watch the sun set. It was pretty amazing. […]

Maui Bound

I leave the Big Island today for Maui. Other than visiting Haleakala National Park, the only thing on my agenda is getting SCUBA certified. I have a 8:15am flight from Hilo to Maui which should take like 15-20 minutes. I can’t check into my hostel till 5pm, so I’ll try and get my visit of […]

Hawaii Update

I intended to go to Hawaii first so i could get my travel bearings in a place I was familiar with. The last week has been very instructive in how to go about the day-to-day grind of traveling. Things I’ve learned: If you can find a place with free wireless internet access, stay there as […]

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