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Posted by on March 26, 2007

A few things about the website:

  • I’ve updated the WordPress theme I’ve been using. You can select as a background for the site from the small squares up on top. All of the backgrounds are from photos I’ve taken.
  • The map is now functioning. I also have a GPS now, so I’ll be putting lat/long data on all my posts from now on. In about two weeks, I’ll also be geotagging all my photos, with a very cool map interface for photos on Flickr.
  • I’ve moved all my RSS over to Feedburner. This should decrease the bandwidth load on my website. If you haven’t subscribed to the RSS feed for this site, you can subscribe here.
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my last full day in Wisconsin. Wednesday I drive to Minnesota and Thursday I fly to Las Vegas. Wednesday will mark the first day I’ll be living out of a bag.
  • I’m still looking for someone to do some design and programming for the website. I’d like a different design and tighter integration with Google Maps/Earth. If you know anyone that might be interested, send them my way. gary(at)everything-everywhere.com.
  • My latest additions to Flickr are basically me experimenting with my camera. I took 39 shots today near the Fox River in Appleton. I could have had an amazing photo last night if I knew what I was doing. There was a thundercloud at sunset. I managed to get a lightening bolt, but I really screwed the settings up and it could have been much better. Below is that photo plus some images I manipulated in iPhoto.

Sunset and Lightening Vulcan Street Hydroplant RR Bridge The Flats