Win A GoBag Filled With $400 Worth Of Travel Gear from Allianz Global Assistance!

The good folks at Allianz Global Assistance have just been selected as the supplier of travel insurance on and the Priceline Partner Network. Allianz products are available to consumers booking flights, hotels and rental cars on all these platforms.

To celebrate they are giving away a bag full of amazing travel gear valued at $400. The bag includes:

  • GoPro Hero Session w/SD card ($200 value)
  • Camleback Unbottle ($50 value)
  • iLive Wireless Earbud Headphones ($60 value)
  • Smart Travel First Aid Kit ($50 value)
  • Allianz Portable B200 Power Pack ($20 value)
  • Allianz Passport Holder with RFID protection ($20 value)

To win, just leave a comment on this post telling me where you would like to travel with this GoBag filled with gear and what you would do with it. I will randomly select one winner on November 29.

Only residents of the United States are eligible to win.

Disclaimer: I work as an ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and receive financial compensation.

113 thoughts on “Win A GoBag Filled With $400 Worth Of Travel Gear from Allianz Global Assistance!”

  1. So i would travel to iceland….. i would use the Allianz Passport Holder with RFID protection to keep my passport safe while i travel to iceland. On the trip the Allianz Portable B200 Power Pack will come in handy as i am listening to podcasts on my iphone and playing games on my ipad. All while using the iLive Wireless Earbud Headphones the whole time. When i get there i will document the whole trip using the GoPro Hero Session w/SD card as i traverse the countryside. While i am out and about i will stay hydrated with the Camleback Unbottle. My mind will be at ease knowing that if sometime happens i will have the Smart Travel First Aid Kit to patch myself up until i can get proper medical care. That is how i will use the kit if i win…………….

  2. This is an amazing set of items. Every item therein just screams “get lost and immersed”. My first thought would be to head somewhere unusual and out of town: Lion’s Head in South Africa or the Safari in Kenya

  3. So many things lined up (I’ve gone a bit bonkers lately) but I’ll be MOST excited to use this on the Isle of Skye, come February. I’m excited to visit in the off-season, imagining a wind-swept crashing ocean and snow capped Cuillen. Having good gear would definitely up my confidence in facing down that kind of nature. Thanks for the op

  4. I will use this travel gear for my Europe to Asia Bicycle tour. Create some awesome footage while fundraising for the non-profit I’m currently working for.

  5. I will explore the New Mexico and Colorado states with the gobag. I will hike and bike through various mountain trails as soon as the winter is over!

  6. I’d start by taking the bag to Universal Studios in Orlando with my family over winter break. It would be perfect for when we go kayaking with the manatees outside of Tampa too.

  7. I would take the kit and travel to Counties Mayo and Sligo in Ireland. These two counties are were my father’s family imigrated to the US from. To be able to see where my relatives came from and to be able to shoot video with the GoPro of the rugged coast line would be amazing.

  8. I would like to travel to Australia and New Zealand. By using this equipment, I could show that even old dogs can learn to use new technology!

  9. I have multiple places I would like to travel. My first location would be Jerusalem and I would use it to travel the country and capture the people and culture of the country. I would like to also travel to India and Indonesia. Taking long tours of the countries to experience the environment in real-time would be legendary.

  10. I will go everywhere and anywhere I haven’t been documenting my travels with my new go pro camera … India, Tibet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Uluru, Patagonia, Easter Island, The Great Wall of China, Petra, The Dead Sea, Transylvania, The Serengeti and possibly Antarctica.

  11. I have always wanted to travel across America seeing all the sights along the way. But if I could, right now I would be traveling to Standing Rock to capture the protests and treatment of our indigenous people. A moment in time.

  12. I would like to take this gear across land and air as I spend the summers traversing North America on two wheels, and spend the winters flying internationally, all in the name of performing my street magic show for audiences both foreign and domestic. In January I’m heading to Australia / New Zealand for a few months, and then taking my sixth cross-country motorcycle tour in the Spring.

    -Magician on a Motorcycle

  13. I would take it hiking with my kids to see what they see. Now my husband would take it all over the country biking and then send us a lot of video. ;)

  14. I would take this gear to Thailand! The GoPro would be perfect to film some good shots of all the adventures you can go on there! It’s pretty hot and humid there so a camel back will keep me hydrated!

  15. Nepal of course, my dreamland. Rich in culture and adventures. I would bike through the city of Kathmandu, trek the Everest Base Camp, and go rafting or maybe kayaking in Pohkara. And furthur, crossing the length of SE Asia, Japan, and Korea, etc, seeking for more adventures. That’s the dream!

  16. I was able to travel a lot during my middle school years due to my father being in the military and being stationed in Germany. As and adult I have been unable to travel internationally but I have shown my children a lot of the United States. If I were to win the Go Bag, I would take my kids to Japan. All of us plan to travel there in the future.

  17. I would take this gear on my trip through Central America! It would be perfect for scuba diving, hiking, and exploring the cities both ancient and modern.

    Thanks so much!!

  18. Off to Vanuatu and other remote locations to photograph and experience then return to share the stories of adventure to the kids at our schools.

  19. This would be a perfect kit for hiking to Machu Pichu in South America, plus all the other travel I have planned on that continent; from Galapagos Islands, to Amazonian treks and the Glaciers of Patagonia. The Camelback and first aid kits would be great to have along on all these adventures and more!

  20. Bought a season ski pass and now I’m ready for a winter road trip to ski at all of the resorts on my pass! The Allianz GoBag has what I need document my trip (GoPro video) and keep me going (hydration, backup power, accident recovery) while enjoying my new music playlists wirelessly under my ski helmet! This would be a great addition to the gear I am packing!

  21. I’m traveling to Japan and Okinawa for winter break, studying abroad in London next semester while backpacking Europe, and then finishing with a month in Iceland and two months in Southeast Asia! I know I will go broke, but nothing is stopping me. Although that gift bag would definitely be a huge help! :)

  22. I would take this bag on my 3 day road trip to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia this Christmas. I can’t wait to capture photos of the amazing salt flats, colorful lagoons, gigantic cacti, lamas, and flamingos in stunning 4K quality.

  23. I would love to take that glorious bag with me to Patagonia. It’s an underrated destination that needs more exposure as the beautiful place it is.

  24. Would love to take this gear to my upcoming trip to Antarctica this coming December. GoPro would be great to capture my adventures. If it doesn’t work, the Camelback would really be great to take to my trip to Vietnam next year to stay hydrated. Thanks!

  25. I’d love to check out Jackson Hole for an adventure or a lifetime! A pack filled with adventure gear would sure make the trip a whole lot more fun!

  26. My husband and I have three boys and just moved to California… I’d love to take this bag and explore this new beautiful state together!

  27. I would go to Bosnia and explore there.. just because of the history and how far its come since the early 90s

  28. Northern Japan during the winter. I want to ride one of the bullet trains, and ski what all the fuss about skiing there is.

  29. Definitely New Zealand for some adventure sports. Mountain bike trails, rock climbing and chilling out in some nice secluded swimming spots

  30. I would like to travel to South Korea and take many photos and video of my adventures. Eventually, I would also want to travel to Vietnam and South Africa, Cape Town actually so I can see Table Mountain and the surrounding area in person. ?

  31. This package is neat. I would want to take it to the ruggedly beautiful and varied countries of Australia and New Zealand.

  32. I would travel throughout New Zealand with my best friend. We would get an rv and explore well known and treasured secrets and of course hike the lord of the rings scenery.

  33. I would take it on an epic adventure through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos!!! I would start off in Sapa where I would get lost amongst the tranquil rice paddies. Then I would venture westward to Cao Bang to gaze upon the magnificence of the Detian Falls and perhaps trudge through some caves. After my nature indulgence I will head to Hanoi to indulge in its’ scrumptious cuisine. I’ll tell you more if you pick me ;)

  34. I am studying abroad and traveling to Japan, China, Vietnam, Ghana, Myanmar, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Mauritius, Morocco and Germany. This would be very useful for my adventures!

  35. Hey Gary, I’d love to win this Go Bag and bring it with me to Myanmar. Then, write a beautiful travel guide for my travel blog. Why Myanmar? It’s my dream destination, and I’ve always wanted to go there.
    A month ago, a colleague of mine made me a test called “Who were you in your previous life?”. The result? Well, I was a cook in Myanmar :) I guess it’s destiny!

  36. I am a SFC in the United States Army. I will be retiring in February after 20 years of service. I would like to take this equipment back to some of the places that I had to go, but never got the chance to have any fun at.

  37. I enjoyed reading the other comments to get some more bucket list travel ideas. We are thinking of traveling with family to Roatan next year, and this package would be great!

  38. we have a cruise to the adriatic and med coming up in sept of 2017 and we sure could use that camelback to keep hydrated as we walk the walls of dubrovnik, the go pro would be great to film it. when we head to kotor montenegro we plan on walking up 1,100 ( or so) steep steps to get a great view and that first aid kit might just come in handy. the headphones would be useful for an audio guide to some of the other stops we are hitting and that rfid will protect our passports. geez who couldn’t use a power pack? send it to us and we will put it to good use, promise!

  39. I would travel to the Bay Islands, spending most of my time on Roatan. My time would be spent exploring the island and experiencing the local community. This island has been on my To Visit list for a long time.

  40. We have friends that live in Vietnam that have been inviting us to visit and we’re hoping to go in the next year or so.

  41. Iceland would be my destination. I have been wanting to go there for a long time – hike and absorb the beauty of the almost untouched remote corners of that country.

  42. For the past year I’ve been studying Russian and plan to travel there should I be the recipient of this wonderful gear to help discover, document and share my experiences with the world as a curious and courteous traveler with a purpose. I would focus on Russians’ views of America and document how the recent US election may have affected their outlook for Russia’s future and what, if anything, do they hope to see from improved relations. I want to see the impact of a U.S. election on Russia first-hand and learn as much as I can about this vast country that spans eleven timezones and that plays such a significant role on the world stage while learning about its diverse range of cultures and beliefs. And if for some reason my visa isn’t approved to visit Russia, I’ll take the winnings to spring break in Florida and interview students in regard to their views on the election and how it has changed their lives (for better or worse) and do some parasailing and scuba diving instead of spending winter in Russia. Either way I’ll need to stay hydrated, render some first aid (especially in Florida) and have a rugged, versatile, GoPro camera to capture the adventure! And for any situation that warrants more than the contents of my GoBag (or a lost GoBag,) I’ll have my Allianz Travel insurance to ensure a pleasant and successful trip. Travel insurance can be the smartest thing you pack on a trip into the unknown.

  43. The Grand Canyon, for starters!! Imagine the pictures to be taken!! The hikes to take, the water to immerse into!! After that, some tropical island paradise would be SCREAMING for me to come visit it!! ?????

  44. Awesome pack to accompany me to beautiful Canada next year to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. We celebrate everything it means to be Canadian: the wonders of the country, achievements, people characters and passions for exploration!

  45. I am going to Costa Rica this December through my University to study environmental journalism. I would love to have this stuff with me to help photograph and video the people I meet and the places I see.

  46. Awesome prize Gary! I am planning on heading to Chile when I graduate. Would love to take all this along.

  47. My dream is to go to Jordan, and explore Petra. This prize would be well used hiking the hills and taking video of my experience. I have a little travel blog that I’d then share my videos on.

  48. I would love to win, because I think it would be a great addition for travel accessory. I would use mine for hikes, cruises and even for everyday park adventures.

  49. Clichè as it is, I would backpack across Western Europe. I have not been to Europe before and would love to explore via their transit. The GoPro for pictures, of course, first aid kit for the inevitable blisters, the ear buds for listening to music while drowsing on a train…

  50. I would love to win this kit and take it on an upcoming trip to Bali to capture the beauty of the land and the people in Ubud, Denpasar, Sanur and then over to Lombok and Komodo.

  51. I’ve always wanted to visit central Asia: Tashkent, Kashgar, Urumqi, Samarkand…
    If my steps by quick and light – because I’m carrying such a great bag, I can get there, I don’t know, maybe by candlelight.

  52. In my dream scenario, I’d be taking this with me to Myanmar. In my more realistic scenario, I’d love to pack up this stuff and see more of central Mexico!

  53. Perfect for a trip to Greece. I can use the GoPro
    To film our tours and definitely a first aid kit in
    case I get clumsy over the uneven paths we
    would walk on. Passport holder to keep mine safe.
    A water bottle to avoid plastic bottles. It would all
    be put to good use.

  54. I would take our family of 6 back on the road. This time to setup a base in Spain and travel around Southern Europe and Northern Africa

  55. I would be taking it on my travel to Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati, Micronesia over Christmas! I’ve been wanting a go pro for my action photos and the camel back would be awesome for hiking.

  56. The GoBag will be perfect for my upcoming hike in Uganda and Rwanda. The GoPro and mountain gorillas were made for each other.

  57. I’d take this pack, add a change of clothes, tie on a study pair of shoes and jet off on a tour of Japan/China/Taiwan/Thailand and use that little GoPro to film along the way, paving way for my dream to finally become Antonia Bourdain–a reflective, curious woman who enjoys good food, the company of good people, and to walk, breathe, and see parts unknown ??

  58. I can definitely use all these useful gears for my backpacking trip down in Peru – Machu Picchu and possibly Patagonia Argentina. Thanks

  59. I would be taking that bag and its contents to Jamaica for all the adventure I plan to have this Christmas.
    The hero would be so freeing to capture beautiful island moments.

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