This Week in Travel – Episode 205

This week’s guest is Mary Jo Manzanares from TBEX and TravelingWithMJ and the new “Where Else To Go” podcast.

This Week’s News:

  • Four men thrown off American Airlines flight because they ‘looked too Muslim’
  • A Man Has Been Held In A Turkish Airport For A Year
  • United Airlines adding another seat to each row in economy on Boeing 777s
  • Delta to Cut First Class Prices After Making SkyMiles Upgrades Harder
  • Virgin America merger with Alaska Airlines
  • JetBlue Mint™
  • TripAdvisor Airline Ratings
  • With Czechia, Czech Republic Hopes Vowels Will Solve Name Puzzle

Picks of the week:

  • Gary – Lightroom Plugins from NIK
  • Chris – Bodie State Park
  • Jen –
  • Jen –
  • Mary Jo –