This Week in Travel – Episode 156

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This week’s guests are Janice Waugh of Solo Traveler and Mara Gorman of and author of The Family Traveler’s Handbook.

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This Week’s News:

  • Man buys apartment just to rent it out on AirBNB and makes $13k in first year
  • Video: British Airways refuses to let 35 stone Frenchman board plane home from US
  • Blind man, dog kicked off US Airways flight; passengers follow
  • Airport screening program is dismissed as useless
  • Why didn’t they think of this sooner? Frankfurt Airport opens coat check
  • F.C.C. to Weigh Allowing Cellphone Use on Flights
  • Everything you need to know about in-flight cellphone rules

Picks of the week:

  • Chris – Belgium / Flanders and WWI commemoration
  • Jen – Baby’s First Flight Pack
  • Gary – VPN
  • Janice – Secret shopper program at
  • Mara – Passports with Purpose