26 thoughts on “Video: Update from Aurba”

  1. Got to visit your website via pro blogger and it is amazing man! you do a lot of travelling and if someone really wants to learn about different cultures and places… you are the guy to follow. :)

    very impressed with your blog. all the best.

  2. Interesting shape on that coin! Impressive too,that they can speak 4 languages…WOW!

    Audio & video is good,very natural,vbloging is great.I find it hard to travel and blog.Enjoy your trip.

  3. Gary I know exactly what your talking about the editing… IT SUCKS. my first travel video took me like 4 hours. lol. Def dont recommend it. lol

  4. Great idea using video Gary. The length was just about right and you gave us some interesting tidbits about Aruba. I’ll look forward to more Vlogs in the future. Safe travels!

  5. Gary, what a fantastic idea. I’ve been playing with it as well and, like you said, I like the immediacy of it. Also? Great info, really engaging and I didn’t know anyone had square coins, so I learned something, too! My vote is for you to keep vlogging.

  6. Good job Gary. Hopefully you are going on to Bonaire as well;)
    If you are using iMovie it is pretty easy to drag in some pix as cut aways.
    Also just wanted you to know you are a huge mentor to me, and it is why I am on the road shooting. I am in Guanajuto and shot 600 pix on day one.

  7. Love the real time (or almost real time) – makes everything that much fresher. Good quality sound & vid though the backdrop was a little underwhelming. Look forward to more vidLogs

  8. I saw the announcement of this post on FriendFeed (originally on your Twitter account). Very well organized. Regarding the background, it looked like a nice hotel room!

  9. Great video Gary! Could clearly hear you and see you and it was a perfect length. Keep it up. Looking forward to many more.

  10. video is great audio was about an 8/10 since the mic’s on most cameras are not so good. trick I do for editing is pause for a few sec then when you edit before uploading to youtube I know Sony has Vegas and it very easy to use plus encode and uploads to you tube, but only for windows

  11. I loved it! Great video and audio quality…haven’t done any vlogging yet…so this is an inspiration…waiting for more..

  12. Audio is great, thanks for the info. I know editing pictures on the road, let alone video is difficult, and I appreciate the effort.

  13. love love LOVE the video posting!!!! Can’t wait for more. sound was great and the idea of some live shots of where you are and going etc….GREAT idea!!!

  14. This filmmaker gives two thumbs up :) Great info, sound worked well. Definitely would love to see more location-specific backgrounds in future vids, although you’ll likely compromise sound quality for it (visuals win in this scenario for me). Also fully support your resistance to editing- it’s time consuming & even basic editing would then also require more complex exporting/uploading when you’re trying to enjoy yourself. I’m new to travel blogging and have felt discouraged by my taking weeks to write posts after traveling- so I’m inspired by your workaround. Looking forward to the next one :)

  15. So that’s the language you meant on twitter! Couldn’t find it immediately on wikipedia.
    Sounds like fun! Haven’t taken on any creoles yet ;)
    Editing videos is annoying – I do it all the time and can get a decent video edited in just five minutes, but the problem is that after you do that the whole thing has to be rendered again and that can take a long time if it’s HD quality! You’re better doing it as you did there, but you can likely crop it immediately in your camera’s program.
    See you again soon :)

  16. Great idea! Very dynamic tone and you seemed really natural. Next time take us to the beach, will you? ;)

    • By the time I got to the beach it was 10am and the sun was really bright and I was sweating like a dog, so I went inside. I need to either wake up earlier or do it later if I want to be on the beach.

  17. Sounded good Gary – and you better learn some of that Papiamento, they speak it in Curacao too (Bon dia. Con ta bai? Ban come = Good morning. How are you? Let’s eat.) Dushi is my favorite word. Enjoy your travels…

  18. Gary,

    Love the idea of starting to video blog. After reading so many blog entries, watching a video is a great change of pace. I agree about having some interesting backgrounds in future updates – we all want to see where you are!

    Have a great trip,

  19. Hey, Gary.

    Great post. Definitely looking forward to more sights and sounds of your destinations. Even just dropping in a couple clips with pans of particularly beautiful sites would be great. You could just drop the video in place of your “talking head” and not have to worry about editing the audio.

    Watch out Travel Channel – Here comes Gary!

  20. Dig the video update! and pleased you’ll be recording with different backdrops in the future — show me that crystal clear Caribbean water!

    I, too, have been a guest at the Aruba Marriott, and thought Simply FIsh — right on the sand — was a great dining experience, as well.

    Nice job, Gary.

  21. Hey Gary, the vid was great… audio was great too.
    – Be conscious of what is in your background
    – Bring the camera up a bit… when you’re not looking down at the camera… we get a “chin” shot
    – Audio is good consistent volume!
    – The close-up of the coin was good… test how close you can get to the lens for future close-ups.
    – Be conscious of the ear scratching
    – Edit out the “reaching to turn the camera off”

    I think you’re going to have success with the video!

    • I have a remote control for the camera to turn it off, I just forgot to bring it. I honestly don’t want to do a lick of editing if I can avoid it. I’m too lazy.

  22. I hear ya, brother: I always set up blog posts in advance prior to leaving for any trip, as I’ve just come to terms with the fact that there will never be time to blog! This vlogging, though, is a good alternative. I dig it!

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