This Week In Travel – Episode 91

This week’s guest are the Elliott family: Chris, Kari, Aren, Iden, Erysse

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This weeks news

  • Sex on Croatian Yacht Leads to Severed Hand, Missing British Tourist
  • Newly authorized Cuba trips sell out fast, run into controversy
  • Crying woman kicked off plane
  • Airbnb offers $50,000 insurance policy after user’s ‘nightmare’
  • Hotel snore controls aim to banish sleepless nights

Picks of the week

  • Chris Christensen – Snoring apps, Google Earth KLM files
  • Chris Elliott – by low sell hit
  • Jen –
  • Gary – how to map with Google Earth

2 thoughts on “This Week In Travel – Episode 91”

  1. I’m a faithful This Week In Travel listener. I had a clarifying question on the google maps. Can you give me the step by step directions on taking the pins I’ve saved on the map and publishing them for others to see on my website? I’ve saved the KMZ files- I don’t know how to share them like you did on you blog. Thanks for your help.

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