This Week in Travel – Episode 90

After weeks of bad internet and scheduling problems due to travel, I finally make an appearance back on the show!

This week’s guest is Emmy winning video editor and traveler, JD Andrews

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This Week’s News

  • Airbnb burglary victim says company tried to quiet her
  • How The Hell Is This My Fault?
  • Underwear incident: ‘Former model’ sues JetBlue
  • Jeopardy! host injured after chasing burglar in SF
  • Have Facebook, Won’t Travel
  • Google Launches Hotel Search Tool With Room Price Data
  • ‘Free at last’: South Sudan is world’s newest nation
  • TBEX discussion

Pick’s of the Week

  • Gary: Canary Islands
  • Jen: Vegas Deals for Labor Day
  • Chris: USB pot recharger
  • JD: Trover

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