This Week In Travel – Episode 81

This week’s guest is Jeff Jung of

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This Week’s News:

  • Delta’s Rodent Problem: Droppings ‘Too Numerous to Count’ Found On Plane
  • TSA Gives Pat Down to 6-Year-Old Girl in New Orleans – AOL Travel News
  • Hong Kong Airlines’ Flight Attendants Take Mandatory Kung Fu Training
  • Air-traffic controller suspended for watching a DVD on duty
  • Gov’t wants airlines to repay fee after losing bag – Yahoo! News
  • Richard Simmons on Air New Zealand Safety Video
  • Child free flights from October 2011

Picks of the week:

  • Jen –
  • Jeff –
  • Chris – @TodayatWDW

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  1. I tried to listen to this Podcast but only the first few minutes play for some reason. It stopped just as the group opened up about rat droppings on the planes. Is this just me or is it stopping for others as well?

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