This Week in Travel – Episode 283

This week’s guest is Fran Golden. She is an award-winning travel writer whose work regularly appears in Bloomberg, Travel + Leisure magazine, and other leading media outlets. She is the author of numerous cruise and travel books, including “100 Things To Do In Alaska Before You Die” (Reedy Press, 2021). The Alaska book is available at leading booksellers, or order an autographed copy at

Destinations of the Week

  • Gary: Denali Road Lottery
  • Jen: Alaska Tours | Lodge Vacations, Uncruise | Wild, Woolly, and Wow | Best of Glacier Bay Tours and Cruises
  • Fran: Meet locals when you go to Alaska. It’s easier to meet them than you think. Take time to talk to people. Sit in a dive bar for a couple of hours in a fishing village. You hear tales. You hear about lifestyle. Going to Alaska should not be just about going to see the sights, but also meeting the people. 

Picks of the Week

  • Gary – Big deals on new phones right now because the phone companies are shutting down their 3G services. They have to get as many people as possible to stop using older phones and start using newer phones. 
  • Jen – The Seabird Resort and Mission Pacific Hotel by Hyatt in Oceanside, CA. 
  • Fran – In Alaska, Native Alaskan Art. Make sure if you’re shopping for that you buy authentic art. They have a bear paw symbol. Alaskan Tourism Website – familiarize yourself with it first before you buy.