This Week in Travel – Episode 235

This week we are joined by author and podcaster Rolf Potts author of new book Souvenir (Object Lessons) and host of the Deviate with Ralph Potts podcast.

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This Week’s News:

  • Dog dies on United Airlines flight after being forced into overhead bin
  • United Sent A Dog To Japan Instead Of Kansas City
  • United Airlines suspends pet cargo service
  • LA to Vegas TV Show
  • Passengers Were Delayed 27 Hours Because Their Pilot Got in a Physical Fight
  • Las Vegas Airport rolls out cannabis ‘disposal amnesty boxes’
  • Female tourists 25 and over can now visit Saudi Arabia without male escort
  • Saudi Arabia plans luxury beach resorts on Red Sea

Picks of the week:

This Week in Travel Episode 235

1 thought on “This Week in Travel – Episode 235”

  1. Great discussion! One concern I have is how animals are allowed to fly in the cabins when so many people have allergies!? I flew to a conference in LA some years ago and met up with a fellow who flew, unknowingly with an animal under the seat in front of him! He got so sick that he ended up in a hospital in LA and missed part of the conference. He was launching a law suit vs Air Canada! Fridge magnets are great souvenirs as is local art from the countries you visit. Photographs from photographers (Gary) are also wonderful to have! :)

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