This Week in Travel – Episode 234

Jen Leo, Chris Christensen and I are joined by this week’s guest Robert Reid from joins us for a discussion of his recent article Why U.S. Travel Media Won’t Tell People to Visit Russia.

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This Week’s News:

  • Panicked United Passenger Pops Chute, Uses Emergency Exit Inflatable Slide to Get Off Plane at Newark Airport: Airline
  • A Woman Actually Got Into a Baggage Scanner So She Could Hold on to Her Handbag
  • New craft beer hotel in Scotland to feature beer taps in every room | Lifestyle from CTV News
  • Woman denied emotional support peacock on United flight | Fox News
  • Girl injured by support dog on Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix – ABC15 Arizona
  • United Airlines Cracking Down On Emotional Support Spouses
  • Delta sets more stringent requirements for support animals on board
  • How To Fly With An Emotional Support Animal
  • Tourism to U.S. under Trump is down, costing $4.6B and 40,000 jobs
  • Wine Flies Free on Alaska Airlines

Picks of the week:

  • Chris – to summarize your travel year from
  • Jen – Bed & Brew: 20+ U.S. Breweries with Beer Hotels
  • Jen – Emotional Support Animal Certification
  • Gary – Visit the Arctic
  • Robert – and the Southern Hemisphere

A Case for Travel to Russia - This Week in Travel (Podcast)

1 thought on “This Week in Travel – Episode 234”

  1. I have been there three times for tour and business. Like Iran, if you really go there, you’d discover that the people are really different from the government and what US ( and every country) media make the country to look like. What I did feel, from a purely liberal American perspective, is why do such smart and nice people put up with the government. We’ll never understand it.

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