This Week in Travel – Episode 227

This week Jen Leo, Chris Christensen and I are joined by this week’s guest Bhaskar Krishnamurthy, photographer and documentary filmmaker of “Elephants in the Coffee”

"Eclipses and Elephants" - This Week in Travel #227 (Podcast)

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This Week’s News:

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This Week in Travel - Episode 227

3 Replies to “This Week in Travel – Episode 227”

  1. To add to the news on Thailand:
    When I checked-in at the Thai Airway counter for my 1-way flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok a couple of days ago,, the agent did ask me if I’ve proof for an onward journey. I had to show her my onward eTicket to Singapore.
    Out of curiosity, I asked her what if I’d opted to purchase a train ticket to Singapore after I arrived in Bangkok instead, her answer was :” but you are okay now”.
    I should have asked further but didn’t.

  2. I listened, interesting conversation! Would love to see “Elephants in the Coffee” I would love to travel to India! Some day!

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