This Week In Travel – Episode 137

This week’s guest is Gary Bembridge, from Tips for Travelers and Travel Blogger’s Podcast. I wasn’t able to log on this week due to a crappy hotel internet connection in Jordan.

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This Week’s News:

  • Letter alleges captain diverted plane because family complained about in-flight film
  • TSA delays knives on flights policy in major reversal
  • Spring Airlines moving to sexy maid uniforms for flight attendants
  • Carnival Cruises’ two recent maritime accidents cost the U.S. military $4.2M to rescue them. Senator asks for reimbursement, Carnival declines.
  • Carnival Triumph’s bad luck: Fuel barges explode near docked cruise ship
  • LA Times: Congress passes bill to reduce flight delays; Obama will sign it
  • Virgin America flights allow mile-high flirting
  • Czech Ambassador reminds Americans they are not Chechnya

Picks of the week:

  • Gary – Buckingham Palace tours
  • Jen –
  • Chris –