This Week in Travel – Episode 119

This week’s guest is Catherine Hamm, travel editor for the LA Times.

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This Week’s News

  • Some hotels with free Wi-Fi consider charging for it
  • The only state that doesn’t have a national park wants one
  • Paid Vacation? That’s Not Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Paid, PAID Vacation
  • Airport officials find baby hidden in carry-on bag
  • New DOT Regulations Could Allow Pigs To Fly, If They’re Used For Emotional Support
  • Bail set after hitchhiker writing book on kindness shot near Glasgow
  • Lena Pettersson, Swedish Woman, Reimbursed By Kenya Airways For Sitting Next To Dead Man

Picks of the Week

  • Chris –
  • Jen –
  • Gary – Change your room if you have a weak wifi signal
  • Catherine –