This Week In Travel – Episode 108

This week’s guest is Kim Mance of

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This week’s news

  • Seabourn cruise ship rescues lost fishermen in Pacific
  • Rescue in the South Pacific
  • Most Expensive Cruise: Sailing Costs $1.5 Million
  • Flamingo Air, Cincinnati Airline, Offers Mile High Sex To Customers
  • Rita Lamberg, US Airways Passenger, Robbed Of $160,000 Worth Of Checked Jewelry
  • Airlines impose weight limits for carry-on bags
  • TSA Agents Singling Out Sexy Women for Multiple Body Scans
  • Bill would give loose change left at airports to USO not TSA
  • Yazeed Mohammed A. Abunayyan Arrested On Continental Flight For ‘Singing Of Bin Laden’
  • Tired Pilots Are Falling Asleep At The Controls

Picks of the week

  • Gary – Lord Howe Island
  • Jen – Mob Museum in Las Vegas
  • Chris – Flightfox
  • Kim – Library of Congress Card

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