Still Stuck in Spain

Posted: May 13, 2010    Categories: Site News

Bunch of things are happening to me:

1) I’m in Barcelona where my US Airways flight to the US has been canceled four times now. Every other airline seems to be crossing the Atlantic just fine and I know people who have beaten me back to the US, even though my flight was scheduled sooner. Wednesday I was told the flight would be delayed 8 hours, so I sat around the airport all day before I was told that the flight was canceled. It is getting pretty damn ridiculous. I was given the option of a flight to Munich on Thursday which would then go to Philadelphia, but then I’d have to spend the night in Philly and would arrive around the same time I would if I get on the Friday flight out of Barcelona. If all goes well I’ll be in the air in 24 hours. If all doesn’t go well, you will find an expletive riddled rant about US Airways on this site tomorrow that you should hide from children.

2) The news on my father is slowing getting better. He has a bad blood infection. His white blood cell count is down and has been decreasing, but it is still very high. They have taken him off of some fluids but are keeping him unconscious so his body can put all its energy into fighting the infection. Blood infections are nasty and he has a particularly bad case of it. He’s not out of the woods, but so far there have been no major setbacks. Thankfully he was taken to the hospital in time so there was no major organ failure. This will probably just take time for him to beat and I doubt if he will be out of his induced coma before I get back.

3) If you saw the news on Tuesday, major British mobile providers T-Mobile and Orange UK merged. The name of their new company? Everything Everywhere. Either they didn’t do a Google search on the name or they did and didn’t care. I’ve gotten some advice from lawyer friends of mine and I shouldn’t have to worry too much because I have prior use and over three years of history on my side. Nonetheless, when a huge company decides to muscle in on your turf, you have to wonder what is going to happen. They could be jerks about it or they could be really cool. I’ll have to wait and see.

4) I’ve been having fun on Foursquare this last week. If you have Foursquare on your mobile device, just follow me to get real time updates on where I am round the world.

5) I’ve changed my guest post policy. A long time ago I did a few guest posts, but since then I haven’t allowed any on my site. Since my site is about my travels, tossing in a random post about something else made no sense and took away from what I wanted the site to be about. I will now allow limited guest posts for people who meet the following criteria:

  1. Meet me in person
  2. Share some sort of adventure with me
  3. Have photos of said adventure

This will keep the focus of the site the same, but allow bloggers who would like some extra exposure to get some. So if you want a write a guest post, we are going to have to meet in person and have share sort of adventure. I am sort of loose on the term adventure. It could be traveling with me, it could be going to a interesting or fancy restaurant, visiting a museum, or something else entirely. One guest post I have lined up is by Lillie Marshall who traveled with me for a week in Spain. The other is by Jodi Ettenberg who I visited detained refugees with in Bangkok.

I like this policy because I get to meet people and do things but still can get people to contribute to the site.

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