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Dear Gary,

Hello from the island of Curacao!

Since my last update I've been busy! I was in Las Vegas for Blog World Expo, where I spoke on the subject of "Travel Porn". Despite the title, it was prefectly safe for both children and the elderly :) The conference was fun and I was able to catch up with people I only get to meet occasionally in person. In my opionion, that is the real reason to attend any conference: to meet people. In a world with the internet you can get any information you need online, but meeting people face-to-face is only something you can do if you travel.

While in Las Vegas I also visited the Hoover Dam with Benny from Fluent In Three Months and Karol from Ridiculously Extraordinary. I had been to Hoover Dam years ago, but wanted to go back to take some photos. I think I got some nice ones.

After Las Vegas I took a midnight flight to Aruba, where I was a guest of the Aruba Marriott, took a short visit to the neighbor island of Bonaire and laded yesterday in Curacao, where I am a guest of the Kura Hulanda Hotel.

I've been doing some video updates so I can keep people abreast of what is happeing while I travel. You can check out my first attempts at those below. Please let me know what you think of the videos.

Until next time, keep traveling!

Gary Arndt

Video Updates

Video update from the island of Bonaire

Video update from the island of Aruba

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