In Praise of Spontaneous Travel

Posted: February 27, 2013    Categories: Travel

You seriously don’t have a hotel room booked?

I am writing this in Warsaw, Poland.

That in and of itself isn’t that impressive. Many people visit Poland every year.

What makes this special is that up until a few days ago, I had no idea I was going to be in Poland. In fact, until yesterday, I had no idea I was going to spend the night in Warsaw.

My original plan was to fly to Germany early for the ITB conference and just hang out in Berlin for a week while I waited for it to start. I realized that Berlin wasn’t far from Poland, taking the train was very easy and I had never been to Poland before. Even factoring in the cost of a train ticket, I’d probably save money by staying in Poland rather than in Berlin.

So I decided to go to Poland.

There is a lot to be said for trip planning, however, my most memorable trips tend to be those which occurred at the spur of the moment. No booking, no planning, no scheduling and no research.

One of the primary benefits to traveling is the freedom it gives you and not being bound by a schedule is extremely liberating.

There are some people I know who are terrified at the idea of traveling internationally with no plans. If everything isn’t planned out well in advance, there is no way they would ever consider leaving home. Yet, once you have done it and have built up some confidence, you realize there is actually little risk.

The odds of not finding a place to sleep in Poland during February is zero. The weather is not that bad and more importantly, I’m having fun winging it.

If you haven’t traveled somewhere on a moments notice, I strongly suggest doing it. If booking a last minute international flight doesn’t suit you, then try jumping in your car or taking a train or bus somewhere an hour away. I promise you will enjoy it.

Spontaneity can make a great trip even better.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Krakow and I don’t have a room or my train ticket reserved….and I can’t wait!

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