Buh Bye Newfoundland

Posted: August 20, 2010    Categories: Canada, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

My Route in Newfoundland

My Route in Newfoundland

I’m currently in Guysborough, Nova Scotia as a guest of Authentic Seacoast Resorts. I wish I had more time to spend here because it is a beautiful little town and it would be an excellent place to just come for a short vacation.

My Newfoundland part of the trip is over and even though I still have a quite a lot of driving ahead of me, the stretches shouldn’t be as long as what I’ve had so far. The highlights of my time in Newfoundland would have to be L’anse aux Meadows and Gros Morne National Park. L’anse aux Meadows is the location of the first European presence by Vikings around the year 1,000 AD. Gros Morne is a vastly underrated park which in many ways reminded me of New Zealand, especially Milford Sound. I plan on doing separate posts on each location at a later date.

I spent last night on the ferry from Newfoundland. I took the 5 hour ferry to Port aux Basque to get the Newfoundland and the 15 hour ferry from Argentia to get back. In theory, the ferry had internet, but in reality is was far worse than dial up. I have a hard time complaining, however, about the quality of internet while I’m in the middle of the ocean and the bits are being bounced from geosynchronous orbit and back.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Despite my bad experience at the border, I’ve enjoyed my time in Canada so far. I’m surprised at how few tourists I’ve seen considering it is the middle of August. I’ve been told by some locals in Nova Scotia that the number of American tourists has dropped dramatically over the years. I can count the US license plates I’ve seen on one hand. This would be a natural and easy destination for people on the east coast to visit. I was told there was a ferry running from Bar Harbor, Main to Nova Scotia, but it stopped running this this year.

The next week will take me to Quebec City (Monday), Montreal (Tuesday), Ottawa (Wednesday) and Toronto (Thursday). I know people have contacted me on Twitter about meeting up. Just send me an email (gary@everything-everywhere.com) and we can try to arrange something.

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