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North American National Park #32: Nahanni, Northwest Territories

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North American National Park #32: Nahanni, Northwest Territories

North American National Park #32: Nahanni, Northwest Territories

Occasionally I visit places which are amazing, yet no one seems to know about. Places like Oman and South Georgia Island. I like to champion those places to get people more aware of them. I have another one to add to the list: Nahanni National Park.

I discussed some of the significance of Nahanni in my world heritage post (of which, Nahanni was one of the first world heritage sites on Earth), so here I’ll talk about the logistics of visiting.

Nahanni is not an easy park to get to. Despite how much it has to offer, it gets fewer than 1,000 visitors per year. This is because of its location in Northwest Territories and also because you cannot drive to the park. The only way into the park is to hike or take a floatplane. Most people will simply take a float plane tour, although many people also spend several days rafting down the Nahanni River. If I return to Nahanni I will definitely take a rafting trip. I flew into the park with Simpson Air.

Most floatplane trips depart from Fort Simpson, NWT and this is also the location of the park’s headquarters. To give you an idea of how remote the park is, even though Fort Simpson is the closest town to the park and the location of the headquarters, it is still over 50 miles away from the park boundary. There are also weekly flights to Nahanni from Muncho Lake, BC, which is a bit easier to drive to.

Nahanni is a very special place that more people should know about. It is truly one of the great national parks in the world. It is difficult to visit, but it only makes the reward of visiting that much greater.