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North American National Park #13: Mesa Verde, Colorado

North American National Park #13: Mesa Verde, Colorado

North American National Park #13: Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa Verde is one of the earlier national parks in the US and holds a distinction of being one of the only cultural attractions to have a national park designation.

Mesa Verde is the ruins of cliff dwellings of the Anasazi people who lived there between 600-1,300 AD. It is unknown why they left but many think it may have to do with a change in the climate.

The significance of Mesa Verde was recognized in 1978 when it was named as one of the 12 original UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mesa Verde is located in the Four Corners region where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona all meet. There are no major cities nearby, the closest town being Cortez, Colorado.

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  1. We went here a couple of years ago – fabulous

  2. Lauren says:

    Very cool! I haven’t heard of this place before and it is nice to see such history in the USA!

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