8 Facts You Might Not Have Known About The Bahamas

BahamasI’ve just finished a relaxing four days in the Bahamas. It is my first real visit to the Bahamas since 1998 when I visited with my then girlfriend. This time I got to visit one of the outer islands, go SCUBA diving and explore Long Island by car.

Given my relaxed mood, I thought it was time for another edition of “8 Fact You Might Not Have Known…”

1) The name Bahamas comes from the Spanish term “baja mar” which means shallow sea. As can be seen in any satellite image, the water around the Bahamas is indeed shallow as the entire region has turquoise color to it. The turquoise comes from the white calcium carbonate sand and the color of light which is reflected off the bottom and unabsorbed by the water. The water around the Bahamas is so saturated with calcium carbonate (the stuff that makes up sea shells) that is often will precipitate directly out of the water.

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