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Monday Travel Update – Let the Bed Bugs Bite Edition

Posted by on January 28, 2013

Bed bug bites on my elbow. Not the best photo, I know.

After an almost 6 year unbroken streak of traveling and avoiding bed bugs, my luck ran out last week in Liberia, Costa Rica. The hostel I stayed at (which also had the distinction of being the only place I’ve stayed at in 6 years that had electricity but didn’t have hot water) had bed bugs, which left my arms and legs with a large number of pimple-like, itchy bumps. I’ve been showering several times a day since then in a paranoid attempt to get anything which might still be on my body off of me. The itching has mostly died down now, but for a while it really sucked.

While not life threatening or dangerous, bed bugs are really annoying and I have no desire to have them again.