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Gary’s 20 Immutable Laws of Air Travel

Posted by on December 4, 2012

As someone who puts on over 150,000 miles in the air each year and has elite status on all three major airline alliances, I’ve come to realized that there are certain things that will alway happen when you fly. I have codified these into Gary’s 20 Immutable Laws of Air Travel.

1) The biggest person on the plane will probably sit next to you.

1a) If you are the biggest person on the plane, you will get the middle seat.

2) If you have only a short amount of time for a layover, your flight will almost certainly arrive late.

3) If the seat next to you is empty when they are about to close the door, the last person to enter the aircraft will be the person sitting next to you. Also, see #1.

4) If you are on the list for an upgrade and there are 4 seats available, you will be number 5 of the list.

5) If you have to transfer planes, your gate will be the one farthest away.


Monday Travel Update – Lost Baggage Edition

Posted by on December 3, 2012

Paris: Great City, Horrible Airport

Paris: Great City, Horrible Airport

Last week was a busy one. I ended up flying across the Atlantic three times in a 9 day period from Spain to Halifax back to Spain (via Chicago both times) and then to the US. The last leg of the trip was by far the worst. In almost 6 years of traveling around the world I have had only once incident where my bag didn’t arrive at the airport the same time I did, and the previous time was a result of the volcano in Iceland. Ironically that also happened on a flight from Spain to the US.

This time my flight from Valencia to Paris was delayed. If you haven’t been to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, it might be my least favorite airport in the world. I was scheduled for a 90 minute layover, which had me worried. Transfers at CDG are horrible because the airport is so spread out. It has literally taken me an hour to walk from one gate to another before. Each terminal at CDG has its own security area, so if you have to switch terminals you have to re-enter security each time. Also, they make you go through passport control when leaving, which is just another long line you have to stand in.