Monday Travel Update – Bangkok Homestretch Edition

Posted: October 22, 2012    Categories: Travel

I’m now three weeks into my stay in Bangkok and I am starting to get antsy again. Coming here was a good idea and I’m glad I was able to take the time to rest and relax, however there is a limit to how long I can stay in one place. I think one month is approaching that limit.

Since I’ve arrived in Bangkok I’ve managed to meet with several readers and other travel people who have been in town. I’ve probably had dinner or drinks with a dozen people in the last three weeks. Last Friday I met Chris Drucker and Dan Andrews in person for the first time. I’ve talked to both of them online previously, but it is always nice to meet people in person. Dan was running an event here in Bangkok that I learned about last week and I was invited to their opening reception.

I also managed to attend my very first muay thai boxing match on Sunday with Lee Abbamonte, who was in town for the evening. Even though I’ve spent more time in Bangkok than probably any other city in the world during the last five years, I never do touristy things when I’m here. I still haven’t been to the floating markets and until Sunday, I hadn’t ever been to see the Thai national sport: Muay Thai.

Sometime around the first of November I’ll be leaving Thailand for London. I’m still trying to figure out which flight I should take. There are many options, most of which involve some sort of lengthy layover. I’d consider doing a layover in China or Russia, but I don’t want to deal with transit visa issues in either country for a stay that short.

Other options include Colombo, Mumbai, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Helsinki and of course I could always just take a direct flight.

I’ll be in London to speak at World Travel Market. If you will be attending, I’ll be speaking on a panel on November 7 at 3:45pm.

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