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Monday Travel Update – Settling Down in Bangkok Edition

Posted by on October 8, 2012

I’ve been in Bangkok for almost a week now. My sleep schedule is totally screwed up. I’ve been going to bed in the afternoon and getting up around midnight. However, there is no particular reason for me to be anywhere, so I haven’t really made an attempt to adjust my schedule. I’ve also found that the internet is better at night and I’m also less distracted because everything is closed.

It is sort of strange being in Bangkok. It some respects it is like I’ve never left, even thought I haven’t been here in two years. On the other hand, two years is long enough to notice subtle changes. The hotel I stay at has definitely changed. They are doing some renovations and have closed one section of rooms. They have also changed general managers. There are only 2 staff who still work here from when I was here last time.

The fruit stand where I buy my daily rambutan is still there, but the lady who sells the fruit has changed.

Most other things, however, have stayed the same.

Now that I’ve settled in, I’m starting to get some work done. The only issue I’ve encountered so far is that I’m finding it next to impossible to upload photos to Smugmug. I’ve tried it at several locations now, but for some reason (router issues??) nothing wants to be uploaded.

If you are in Bangkok or will be passing through this month, please feel free to contact me to meet up. I’m staying near Sukhumvit road near Soi 33, near the Phrom Phong BTS Station.