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Monday Travel Update – Elche to Granada Edition

Posted by on September 10, 2012

The Palm Forest of Elche, Spain

The Palm Forest of Elche, Spain

The last week was a series of travel mishaps.

It started on my flight from Denver to Newark. The flight was delayed because of weather and I ended up missing my flight to Barcelona. I ended up staying at the Newark Airport overnight and got the next day’s Barcelona flight. However, I ended up having to fly in the middle seat next to a guy who was probably the son of Andre the Giant.

Once in Barcelona I took the train to Valencia with seconds to spare and got about 1 hour of sleep. My friend Joantxo from Valencia tourism picked me up and drove me to the palm tree city of Elche. I was in Elche 2 years ago but only for one night. I was able to stay longer this time and see more of this very unique city. It literally has the largest palm forest in Europe and was originally created by Arabs who lived there around the year 700.

This morning I got a rental car and headed to Granada via the towns of Ubeda and Baeza to visit my 183rd UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a several hour detour for something which, to be really honest, wasn’t worth the several hour detour.

I’m in Grenada now where I found out I left my European power adaptor in my hotel last night. I purchased one tonight that had a built in voltage transformer (the only one they carried) and it died within 15 minutes of plugging it in.

I might be screwed with interent for a while.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting the Alhambra here in Granada and then heading to Cordova the day after before arriving in Seville.

My goal is to make it to the Spanish city of Ceuta which is actually on the continent of Africa, bordering Morocco. If I can make it there, I will have visited all 7 continents in 2012!