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Monday Travel Update – Riviera Maya Edition

Posted by on August 20, 2012

One of the 1,000's of centoes outside of Playa del Carmen

One of the 1,000’s of centoes outside of Playa del Carmen

I spent the last week in Playa del Carmen getting to know a part of Mexico I hadn’t explored before. Technically, I had been in Cozumel during a cruise stop once before, but I didn’t explore the area and certainly didn’t get out to see any of the Mayan ruins.

So far I’ve explored the ruins of Tulum as well as the much larger ruins of Coba. Coba had the feel of a smaller scale Angkor. In addition to visiting the Mayan ruins (of which there are many in this area) I also had the pleasure of visiting a Mayan family and a Mayan village.

It is interesting to hear first hand just how ridiculously off-base the so called “Mayan Prophecies” surrounding 2012 are. Some of the things I learned: (more…)