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Photo Essay – Switzerland


Prior to setting out in 2007, I explored the world on the maps of Risk and Axis and Allies. Via dice rolling and troop movements I was able to explore most of the world, but there was also one place I couldn’t go: Switzerland. It was a big greyed out area on the map where I could never move my plastic units.

When I was invited to Switzerland in the summer of 2011 I jumped at the chance to go. It was a country I have always been fascinated by. During my trip I visited the cities of Bern, Basel and Zurich.

I left Switzerland with a desire to return, which I will be doing later this year. I’ll be in Lucern for the 2012 Adventure Travel Summit and TBEX Europe. I’ll be getting a rail pass which I hope to use before the conferences to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Switzerland in 8 days!

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  1. TJ says:

    Wow stumbled upon this page. The pictures are truly amazing. Switzerland has always been one of my favorite plaes

  2. Nick Pearce says:

    I worked in St. Moritz many years ago, and these pics brought back so many memories of a stunning country. The people are a bit like a great aunt. Hard to get to know, rather aloof, until you get the beer down their necks!!

  3. Walter says:

    It’s lovely to see my own home towns Berne and Zurich via your lens ;-)

    I’ve also compiled a few shots on my travel blog.

  4. Christina says:

    Amazing pictures, as always.

    Is that statue eating the head of a baby? What is that commemorating?

  5. Mike says:

    Love Switzerland! Great place with nice people, but expensive. Was there on a snowboarding vacation and had a blast. The mountains and lakes are very picturesque.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Switzerland is gorgeous, it’s been on the top of our list of places to check out since we did a short vaca in Belgium. Lovely pics!

  7. Gorgeous shots!!! My fave is the 1st one though. And that chocolate looks sublime.

  8. Christianne says:

    The photos of the chocolate look especially lovely. We are planning to go to Switzerland in the Summer to visit some friends that are there for work, it look very beautiful.

  9. We visited family friends in Switzerland in the summer of 2000. If the opportunity presents itself, try to visit Solothurn, which still includes the walls of the old city.

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