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Scottevest: Official Travel Clothing Provider of Everything Everywhere


I’m pleased to kick off the new year by announcing that Scottevest is the official travel clothing provider of Everything Everywhere.

I’ve been wearing Scottevest gear every single day for over a year now. If you’ve seen me at any point in 2011, the odds are you saw me wearing my black Fleece 5.0 jacket. It is literally the only jacket I will wear when going through an airport. I can quickly and easily dump all the metal in my pockets into my jacket and be through security in no time.

I’ve very fussy about who I work with. I get bombarded every day with requests from companies to mention or use their products. For me working with Scottevest was an easy decision:

  • I use their product. Not only do I wear Scottevet gear every day, I’ve been recommending it to other travelers as well. I know many people who also bought Scottevest gear and have had positive things to say.
  • They get the internet. Compared to other clothing companies, Scottevest is rather young. They grew up online and they “get it”. They don’t have brick and mortar stores. They have a strong social media presence. You’ve probably seen Scottevest gear being worn by internet personalities like Leo Laporte or discussed on other websites. They have the internet in their corporate DNA which is a big deal to me.
  • Strong CEO. I think any great company needs to have a founder that has a vision. Scott Jordan (the Scott in Scottevest) has one. He’s active on Twitter and will often take the time to talk to customers directly. He is a savvy marketer who is front and center of the company.

We have several interesting things planned for the next few months including giveaways, meetups, swag for the travel photography tour and more.

Welcome aboard Scottevest!

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  1. Amy says:

    After watching Gary take an iPad to the ballpark in his jacket, I took a look at it. I ended up buying a lightweight vest. My size wouldn’t let me pop an iPad into it, so I can’t really dump my carryon bag. But I have dumped the need for a purse when I head out to do mundane things with my kids. When you have two preschoolers you have to wrangle, it’s nice to have your wallet, keys and extra stuff for the kids securely on your person.

  2. Earl says:

    After reading about Scottevest on your site I went and ordered a few different items. They are sitting at the post office as I’ve been away for the holidays and I can’t wait to get the vest and other things. We are starting our 8 months trip around the world with just backpacks and an iPad in 2 weeks and I’m excited to have a pocket for the iPad! Thanks Gary & Scottevest!

  3. SCOTTEVEST says:

    So excited about this Gary!

  4. Rachel says:

    I got a Scottevest Travel Jacket based on your recommendation, too, Gary, and I love it! I was able to take one less bag with me when moving to Korea (important!) and the inside pockets are a great place to store valuables.

  5. Cherian says:

    I bought a Scottevest based on Gary’s original recommendation and I love it. For a traveller, it’s indispensable. I do about 100 flights a year and while it’s not often that I can pull this off, there are a few flights where I can comfortably fit everything I need to carry-on in my Scottevest jacket. Even if you don’t try that approach, being able to comfortably carry an absurd amount of stuff is incredibly valuable. Aside from the organization of the pockets, the jacket functions well also. It’s warm and well-designed for all-weather winters even in the tundra of the upper Midwest. Thanks for recommending the product, Gary!

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