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Monday’s Links for Curious People: Back from Baja Edition

Posted by on August 29, 2011

Travel Update

Sunset in La PazI had a wonderful time this weekend in La Paz, Mexico in the Baja Peninsula. I was invited there by the Mexico Tourism office to see a city which is often overshadowed by the more popular Cabo San Lucas 2 hours south.

I’ve only had two brief visits to Baja but I really like the place. It is an odd combination of desert and sea, which you don’t often see together.

On Friday we took a day trip to Espíritu Santo Island, which is part of the Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California UNESCO World Heritage site; the 153rd which I’ve visited. We saw a ton of marine life during the trip. We went snorkeling near sea lions, saw a sea turtle and had a pod of dolphins jumping and doing flips near our boat on the way back to port. During our stay on the island we also had a short demonstration on how to make ceviche. (I should note that everyone on the trip other than me was a woman and most of them were food bloggers to boot. Lots of cameras were coming out every time food was served.)