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Daily Travel Photo – Florence, Italy

Florence Cathedral Plaza

Florence Cathedral Plaza

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  1. SarahM says:

    Great photo! One of my favorite spots is a little pub right about where you must be standing. If you are lucky enough, you can walk up stairs and sit on the one table balcony and watch the city go by. Last time I was there my husband saw the police chase after those selling various goods– couldn’t have been a better spot to see the action.

  2. I visited Florence last year and it was a wonderful city. We had just arrived from Rome and I much preferred Florence. It was so relaxing and easy to get around the city. The cabs (if you needed to take one) were so reasonably priced. The food and wine was amazing too! We went to Il Latini and it was a wonderful experience. No prices, the waiter just asks the manager “how much? This is what they had.” and he will come back with a very reasonable price – 3 courses, 2 bottles of wine, 5 bottles of beer, and free end of dinner shots! for 4 people mind you! 150 Euros. We paid that much for 2 ppl in Rome.
    I will be blogging about this place soon in my new blog. It was great and will be returning next summer I hope.

  3. LeslieTravel says:

    Beautiful architecture! I have yet to visit Florence but I look forward to the photo ops :)

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