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Monday Links

Posted by on February 21, 2011

There are a lot of great things going on around the internet. I’m going to start posting a collection of great things I find on the web every week. Some are travel related and some are just things that worldly, intelligent people might be interested in.

  1. How ‘OK’ took over the world (BBC.com) If you look in the Guiness Book, you’ll find that the most universal word is “Amen”. In practice, I have found that the most universal word in the world is OK. No matter where I am, it seems that everyone understands OK. It is one of America’s gifts to the world.
  2. Egyptian tourist sites to reopen; tomb break-ins reported (CNN.com) The ruins of Egypt have seen countless wars and robberies over the millennia. In the big scheme of things, this wasn’t so bad. It is more a statement on the black market for antiquities. I’m glad to see tourism spinning back up again in Egypt. My post on a traveler’s view of events in Egypt.
  3. Why does everyone hate the TSA? The great Chris Elliott gives more examples of how and why people are mad at the TSA.
  4. Why the Foreign Correspondent Will Resurface Despite cutbacks by news organizations, the recent events in the Middle East are showing why the idea of having foreign correspondents might make a comeback.
  5. BBC to buy out Lonely Planet BBC is buying up the last 25% of Lonely Planet they don’t own.