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New Feature: Purchase Photo Prints


I just wanted to inform everyone of a new feature on the website. You can now buy prints of most of the images you see on Everything Everywhere.

Just click on any image I’ve posted in the last two weeks and you’ll go directly to an order form where you can get prints which range in size from small 4×6 prints to massive 24×60 framed and mounted canvas prints. All order processing is handled by my photo hosting service, Smugmug.

Over time I’ll be going back and making links to the older photos I’ve posted active. If you’d like to purchase other images, you can go directly to my photo site and click the “Buy” button above any image you like. It is an extra step, but it works exactly the same.

Also, don’t forget that my free ebook of some of my favorite travel photos is available to those who signup for my email newsletter.

Free photography ebook

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  1. Thomasamatthews says:

    like that sand

  2. aisha says:

    nice information…………………….

  3. beautiful pictures thank you for sharing with us

  4. Nice photos. It attracted me because all photos have something new in it. No doubt it is from an excellent photographer,.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gary – as you know I also use smugmug and have been trying to find a way to directly have it link to the shopping cart! Any chance you can share how you did this? Thanks a ton!

    • Don Faust says:

      Sherry – when you add an image to WordPress, you have the option to change the “Link URL” field, which defaults to where you are sourcing your photo from. You know how when you click the photo in your blog, it will normally show the photo on a blank page? Well, in this case, the photo is being linked back to the SmugMug purchase URL.

      What you do in SmugMug is go to your photo – then you click the SHARE button above the photo, and select “Get a Link”. It will give you seven options – 6 are URLs for various photo sizes, and the 7th is the “Buy Link”, which is the purchase window of that specific photo. You take that last “Buy Link” URL and paste it in your WP “Link URL” field. You also have the option to source your photos from SmugMug through the WP Add Photo from URL tab, so you can pick the size you want.

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