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SCOTTeVEST Review and contest winner

Posted by on October 5, 2010

This isn’t a product review site. When I review a product I am sharing something that I either love or hate, so my reviews will tend to gravitate to the 5-start or 0-star. This review is definitely one of the former.

Like many of you, I have heard about Scottevest for a while. They are very active on Twitter, they are worn by many internet celebrities, they get cameos on TV shows, and their ads can be found all over the internet. I’ve wanted a Scottevest for sometime now and that certainly effected my review of this product.

For roughly the last several weeks I’ve been wearing my Scottevest Fleece 5.0 jacket provided to me by the Scottevest company. I took it with me to South Africa and I’m currently wearing it in Canada. It has been my go to outer garment the entire time and I’ve used almost every pocket in the jacket as storage at some point.