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Win a $100 credit at SCOTTEVEST!


Normally when I run a contest on my site, I am approached by some company who is interested in giving something away. If I think the product will be of interest to my readers, I’ll go with it. For the first time, I am running a contest that was my idea. I approached Scott Jordan of SCOTTEVEST about running a contest on my site. I’ve hearing about SCOTTEVEST for a long time now online. Many of my favorite podcasters wear SCOTTEVEST products, they are a very entrepreneurial company with a very visible founder, and Scott is personally very active on social media. I found everything about the company appealing and, to be really honest, it was a company I wanted to be associated with in some way.

What is so special about a SCOTTEVEST? In a nutshell….pockets. Lots and lots of pockets. But it isn’t just having a lot of pockets, it is the fact that it doesn’t look like you have a lot of pockets! The gear is designed for the serious traveler or someone who carries around a lot of gadgets (both of which I qualify under). SCOTTEVEST is currently running a promotion with travel writer Rolff Potts where he is taking a 40 day trip around with the world with no luggage; only his SCOTTEVEST.

Many of my favorite photographers have told stories of using their SCOTTEVEST to get around airport rules on the weight of carry on bags. The weight restriction applies to bags, not garments. If you stuff your jacket with your heavy electronic gear, you can sent it through the x-ray machine and get around the weight limit!

I’m also going to be using/testing a SCOTTEVEST over the next two weeks during my trip to South Africa. I just got a Fleece 5.0 jacket yesterday and I’ll be wearing it during my trip. It has 24 freaking pockets! I’ll be posting my review when I announce the winner of the contest.

If you would like a chance to get a $100 credit towards anything in the SCOTTEVEST store, all you have to do it leave a comment describing what you would put in the pockets of a SCOTTEVEST.

The contest will be open until midnight September 26, 2010. One winner will be chosen from random from valid entries via Comments which do not meet the above entry requirements will be deleted. You must leave a valid email address in the comment form to be contacted in the event you should win.

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  1. Kevin P says:

    My iphone (wifi enabled), point and shoot, passport, trailmix!, master lock, memory cards, pen and of course a mini journal for documenting!

  2. Erica says:

    iPhone, Leatherman knock-off, wallet, keys, prescription sunglasses (or regular glasses, depending on which are on my face), a piece of fruit for a snack, bus pass, camera, off-camera flash, sync cord, reusable fold-up grocery bags.

    I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile. I moved to a neighborhood that is very walkable but also VERY hilly, and I get very envious of my husband who doesn’t have to carry a purse or something similar as he’s got one of these jackets (the fleece hoodie). Time for me to go purse-free, too.

  3. Mike Parks says:

    One partridge in a pear tree
    Two turtledoves
    Three french hens
    Four calling birds
    Five golden rings
    Six geese a laying
    Seven swans a swimming
    Eight maids a milking
    Nine ladies dancing
    Ten lords a leaping
    Eleven pipers piping
    Twelve Drummers drumming

    Oh, and an iPhone.

  4. Scott Jung says:

    A roll (or two) of TP. Never know when you’ll need it, and when you do, you’ll be glad you brought it with you!

  5. Derek says:

    I would get a jacket like the Fleece 5.0 Jacket so that i wouldn’t have to constantly move all my items between pants each day before class or have to dig through my laptop case to get them. I would load it with my:

    iPod Nano
    Thumb Drive
    MacBook remote
    Dorm Keys
    ID Card
    Pop Tarts (in case I can’t get to a meal)

    It would make my life so much easier to always have all my important items with me and just a zipper away

  6. Amber G says:

    I would put my iPod touch, cell phone, lip balm, keys, credit card, cash, ID, and loose change in my pockets!

  7. Serge B says:

    I love scottevest–I’d put my pager, cellphone, wallet, and even my laptop in the back large pocket of the vest!

  8. Nathan says:

    judging by the x-ray view, I’d put EVERYTHING in the pockets.

  9. I had not heard of Scottevest until now. They look like a wonderful investment and if I won I wouldn’t have to carry a purse every time I went out.

  10. Dorv says:

    I carry my life in SeV pockets.

  11. I love Scottevest products! I put all kinds of stuff in what I already have, including:

    Ski pass
    flash drive
    spare camera batteries
    spare memory cards for camera
    cell phone

    I plan to get a kindle sometime within the next year, so I’ll definitely put that in there.

  12. Kailos says:

    I will need a Scottevest for my next round world trip…

  13. Corey T says:

    I’ve been eying up the SCOTTEVEST website for a quite a while.

    I’ll be using some of the pockets for iPhone, audio recorder, camera, video camera, passport, battery charger, SD card reader and some chewing gum to assure my fresh breath goes with my SCOTTEVEST fashions… and I suspect there will still be pockets to spare.

  14. Corvus says:

    I’m a girl who hates purses, and looks longingly at the many roomy pockets on men’s pants when I try to figure how to carry my stuff in your typical asshugging women’s jeans. What would I carry? My mP3 player, my camera, my phone, my wallet, my business cards, my chapstick. Spare bits: pens, pencils, zip drives (me, nerd?). Everything!

  15. Jenny says:

    I currently own the Womens’ Travel jacket and have been eyeing a few others. I loved clipping my camera into the pocket of my jacket, so I wouldn’t worry about it falling out as I pulled something else out of the pocket. I also carried around a travel guide in one of the larger pockets, and loved the smaller ones for travel documents. The magnetically closed pockets helped keep my wallet securely in my pocket while making it quickly accessible (without having to unzip something) when I needed it.

  16. Mark says:

    Scottevest: passport, cell phone, wallet, water bottle, camera, memory card, travel documents, ipod, snacks.

  17. · Headlamp (I seriously bring this everywhere to the chagrin of my girlfriend)

    · Moleskin notebook (I wish I was Hemmingway)

    · Two pens (One blue ink, one black ink, don’t ask me why)

    · Sun glasses (Polarized of course)

    · Pocket knife (Naturally a Swiss variety)

    · Book (Something about a strong mind…)

    · Digital camera (To remember how a Tiger appeared in my bathroom)

    · Flipcam video camera (For when I lose my camera)

    · Two Blackberries and charger (Why the second phone? Bat Phone, duh)

    · Ipod (I will likely have to wait for something at somepoint)

    · Gum (I am a recovering smoker, I always have gum)

    · Rosebud Salve (The best)

    · Cash (To buy underwear and toiletries when I get there)

    · Credit Card/ID (For when I lose my cash)

  18. What would I put in there? Everything :-)

    In fact I already have the tropical travel jacket and that has allowed me to stop taking a bag with me to work.

  19. Scottevests are cool . . .my wife and I carry all of our carry on items in them when traveling. iPhones, iPad, cameras, travel documents, wallet, they get it all and have replaced (mostly) a real carry carry on as well as fanny packs and her purse. At our destination we zip off the sleeves and use it for a hiking vest . . .the iPad comes out and water bottles and eats go in instead. They really make both the getting there part of traveling and the doing stuff while you’re there part of traveling much more convenient.

  20. Carolyn says:

    In my Scottevest would go a camera, passport, waller, DIN converter for the scuba regulator, ipod, extra camera lens, my toothbrush and toothpaste, just for starters.

  21. I’d put Lipstick and gum in my new cool pocket.

  22. Cory Ballard says:

    Since I am blind I have a lot of items I carry around with me at all times. I love ScotteVest clothing. I carry my iPhone, GW Micro BookSense, backup cane, foldable dog bowl, dog bags, and much much more. I could find more and more things to stuff in new ScotteVest clothes.

  23. Lanora says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these garments for ages, since adopting the policy that I cannot be trusted to travel with anything that is not physically attached to me. I’ve littered the world with small electronic devices and other travel paraphernalia.

  24. jaka says:

    A lot of photo gear, ipod, cellphone, kindle, book and wallet

  25. Amy B. says:

    I would like to stick my rambunctious kids in the pockets, but I don’t think that’s allowed.

  26. Russel says:

    The first use that comes to mind is for an upcoming Disneyland trip. My new S95, iPhone, water bottle and probably some kid related items come to mind as I think about filling its pockets.

  27. Keith says:

    I love this thing, though I’m a bit of a travel gear geek. I’d fill the pockets with an iPhone, ear plugs, headphones, tissue, Moleskine, pen, passport, contact case, saline, and anything I think I might need while en route to my destination.

  28. Electronics: BlackBerry, Solar Charger, Headphones, GP2X, Thumb Drive and Camera. Gear: Pocket Microfilter, Klean Kanteen, Food Bars, Pocket Multi-Tool, First-Aid Kit, Alcohol Stove & Fuel Bottle, Butane Lighter, Mess Kit, Map, Compass, Notebook, Snugpack Sleeping Bag, and a book.

  29. Iphone, wallet, keys, phone charger, eye drops, sunglasses, and anything else I can think of that I would need to carry on me that I hate carrying in my pants/shorts pockets.

  30. Janice says:

    Seductive yet dangerous! I’m prone to fits of “pocket panic” – a term coined to describe what happens when one’s phone starts ringing and one can’t remember in which pocket one placed one’s phone. I might place multiple phones in multiple pockets and then lend the jacket to my husband and see if his head explodes.

  31. David says:

    I would fill it full of Biscoff cookies stolen from the galley of a Delta flight!

  32. Matt says:

    What would I use a Scottvest for? Lets see… first you have the essentials such as: my wallet, keys, cell phone, phone charger, and Zune. Then I can go with my Bose headphones which I don’t use nearly enough due to their size, and having nowhere to put them. I would be able to fit a book or two in there, I’m sure; a water bottle since I don’t drink enough water daily, a few pens because I’m always losing them… I’m sure I can think of more, but I think that’s good for now.

  33. mitch russo says:

    I take excursions into dark areas for many hours throughout the night. I need a reliable place to put lots of small accessories. Flashlights, reflectors, gels, timers, lenses and batteries. And they look pretty warm too.

  34. katrina says:

    I haaate carrying my purse with me when I travel not only because it can be fairly easily snatched, but because it can often be a pain to keep track of. This jacket looks like an awesome way to replace a purse! I would fill the pockets with my normal purse contents – ipod, camera, water, wallet, lip gloss. Nice looking jacket, too!

  35. T-roy says:

    I’d try and put my whole carry-on inside the jacket (which is pretty much my whole camera set-up). Thats one DSLR camera and 5 lens, plus a few other things.

  36. Keaton says:

    I probably use my chapstick around 25+ times a day. Of course I lose them quite often and while traveling this is a huge deal! You can’t find quality chapstick everywhere around the world. I’d put my chapstick and multiple backups in a few of the Scottevest pockets to prevent an international chapstick crisis from ever happening again.

  37. Greg says:

    Just upgraded to a new apple phone from an old broken razr 2 that couldn’t dial. I would love to have a jacket that accommodates a nice pair of headphones for while I travel to Australia in December!

  38. Eric says:

    What an awesome idea. I’d use one to carry around my camera, ipod, moleskin notebooks, batteries, memory cards, water and a snack. Plus I love the idea of getting through security with lighter bags.

  39. I would put the useful things of my life in this vest, to be accessible where ever I am. As a grandmother with a suitcase (following the lifestyle of the Grandmother with a trunk) I have had to resort to carry-on plus a tote, and have injured my hand running from one wing in a terminal to the other, with the tote wrapped around my hand as the handles were too long and slipped off that shoulder, and the carry-on was over my other shoulder. I need this vest.

  40. Mike says:

    Let’s see… iPhone and headphones would definitely go in the pockets, but then I’d go for things like books, notebooks, pens&pencils, card games (like Fluxx), gaming dice, USB drives – ooh, and a pair of gloves.

  41. Now, that’s what I call a practical AND sylish jacket! I can almost imagine putting in all my electronics (camera, iPhone, batteries, memory cards, headphones, chargers, USB cable, cases,) and other immediate travel accessories (sunglasses, documents), then taking it off and simply putting it through the security Xray machine rather than placing individual items in those pesky plastic bins. I want one!!! :)

  42. Nick says:

    Likewise… I can appreciate the need for a versatile garment to “transfer” the load for airline travel (Jet Blue… no more penalty charges)… and sometimes just have resources close-at-hand without “advertising” that you are “Mr. Gadget”… essential for stealthy travel so as to not attract attention.
    Beyond the obvious need of a photographer: lenses, filters, geo-tagging device, USB drives, flash memory cards, extra batteries, lens cleaning kit, travel documents, mini-tripod video camera, shotgun microphone, audio recording device, iPod touch/phone, sunglasses, first-aid kit, gloves… and obviously… depending on the size of the pockets… a change of clothes, flip-flops, hat… and then obviously converting to “Sherpa” mode for avoiding “over-weight” baggage charges!.
    Cool… gotta try out one of these… going to the website now!

  43. I would keep a kindle 3, smartphone, ipod, pencils, calculator, scrap paper, camera, and various odds and ends I collect in my wanderings. Very nice jackets and I have always wanted one.

  44. Fashion meets practical!
    Not so sure I could travel without my luggage but….
    I would have places for my tech gear and beauty gear too :)

  45. Alex Berger says:

    These jackets look incredible. It’s like a pair of cargo shorts but in a far more attractive/easy to wear format.

    What would I be stashing in my pockets? Passport, Ipod, Waterbottle, Canon G11, pocket knife, possibly even a snack for later!

  46. These vests look super sweet no more bags and cords, everything nice and tidy to help brighten the TSA’s day. Wonder if they smile

  47. Michael says:

    Awesome! I would put all of my many gadgets in all of those pockets!

  48. Erik says:

    I must say, these jackets are smashingly handsome.

  49. That sounds like a great design. It seems great to carry lots of photo gear, like batteries, memory cards, cables, etc… which is what I would use it for.

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