Win a $100 credit at SCOTTEVEST!

Posted: September 9, 2010    Categories: Site News

Normally when I run a contest on my site, I am approached by some company who is interested in giving something away. If I think the product will be of interest to my readers, I’ll go with it. For the first time, I am running a contest that was my idea. I approached Scott Jordan of SCOTTEVEST about running a contest on my site. I’ve hearing about SCOTTEVEST for a long time now online. Many of my favorite podcasters wear SCOTTEVEST products, they are a very entrepreneurial company with a very visible founder, and Scott is personally very active on social media. I found everything about the company appealing and, to be really honest, it was a company I wanted to be associated with in some way.

What is so special about a SCOTTEVEST? In a nutshell….pockets. Lots and lots of pockets. But it isn’t just having a lot of pockets, it is the fact that it doesn’t look like you have a lot of pockets! The gear is designed for the serious traveler or someone who carries around a lot of gadgets (both of which I qualify under). SCOTTEVEST is currently running a promotion with travel writer Rolff Potts where he is taking a 40 day trip around with the world with no luggage; only his SCOTTEVEST.

Many of my favorite photographers have told stories of using their SCOTTEVEST to get around airport rules on the weight of carry on bags. The weight restriction applies to bags, not garments. If you stuff your jacket with your heavy electronic gear, you can sent it through the x-ray machine and get around the weight limit!

I’m also going to be using/testing a SCOTTEVEST over the next two weeks during my trip to South Africa. I just got a Fleece 5.0 jacket yesterday and I’ll be wearing it during my trip. It has 24 freaking pockets! I’ll be posting my review when I announce the winner of the contest.

If you would like a chance to get a $100 credit towards anything in the SCOTTEVEST store, all you have to do it leave a comment describing what you would put in the pockets of a SCOTTEVEST.

The contest will be open until midnight September 26, 2010. One winner will be chosen from random from valid entries via Comments which do not meet the above entry requirements will be deleted. You must leave a valid email address in the comment form to be contacted in the event you should win.

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