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Daily Travel Photo – Rome, Italy

The Pantheon is one of the oldest intact structure standing in Rome. Originally built during the reign of Emperor August and rebuilt during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. After almost 2,000 years it is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. It is currently a Roman Catholic Basilica dedicated St. Mary and the Martyrs.

Songkran: Celebrating the New Year with day-glo green and blaze orange super-soakers just like Buddha would have wanted

On Tuesday I put my iPhone and wallet on the desk in my room and walked outside without them. I felt naked without them, but I didn’t feel it would be a good idea to carry them around that day. It was the first day of Songkran. No sooner than I got 20m down the […]

Daily Travel Photo – Guadalupe Mountains, Texas

Guadaloupe Mountains National Park is just over the border from Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. While two separate parks, they are both part of the same mountain range.

Daily Travel Photo – Waya Island, Fiji

While in Fiji I attended a church service on the island of Waya. The church, like most churches in Fiji, was Methodist. During the service this young man was inducted as a Methodist minister.

Daily Travel Photo – The Hague, Netherlands

This photo requires a bit of explanation. The car in the photo is that of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The door behind the car is his office. He literally drives to work like anyone else, parks his car, and enter’s his office. There is no external security or barricades separating his office from […]

Living Under A State of Emergency

I began writing this post last night but had to delete everything once the bullets starting flying around 6-8pm Bangkok time. After a month of redshirt protests in Bangkok, things have finally come to a head. The protests thus far had been peaceful and the government has seen no real need to negotiate seriously with […]

This Week In Travel – Episode 34

This Week’s Guest is Sheila Scarborough of Tourism Currents and Family Travelogue. Subscribe on iTunes | Become a Fan on Facebook | Download the iPhone app

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