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Daily Travel Photo – The Hague, Netherlands


This photo requires a bit of explanation. The car in the photo is that of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The door behind the car is his office. He literally drives to work like anyone else, parks his car, and enter’s his office. There is no external security or barricades separating his office from the street. Can you imagine the President of the United States driving to work everyday and getting a parking spot just like everyone else?

Prime Minister's car and office, The Hague, Netherlands

Prime Minister's car and office, The Hague, Netherlands

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  1. helgs says:

    hehehe….There are so many countries in Europe like this, I guess it is mostly the smaller countries…We don´t need all the security and bodyguards, nobody wants to kill our head of state. If we don´t like it we talk about it, if nobody likes him we protest…then we vote him off the chair :)

  2. Mosh says:

    I just want to know why they chose to rip off our current away strip for the awnings.

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