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Commentary: The More I Travel, The Dumber I Get

The first question you are probably asking yourself is “what is a video of Donald Rumsfeld doing at the top of this blog post?” Go ahead and click on it and watch the video. It is only 21 seconds. I’ve seen a lot of people make fun of Rumsfeld for this quote, and honestly I […]

This Week In Travel – Episode 30

This week’s guest is Grant Martin, editor of Gadling.com. I’ll also admit that this is one of our worst episodes, due in no small part to my poor internet connection. Subscribe on iTunes | Become a Fan on Facebook | Download the iPhone app

Thailand Redshirt Protests – Day 1

This is just a quick update, because I don’t have time to do a full write up. Yesterday I attended the political protests in Bangkok. I spent several hours walking around the protesters with my camera. Everything was peaceful. Not only was it not an angry mob, it had the atmosphere of a festival more […]

Happy Travelversary: 3 years on the road

Read my thoughts from a year ago on my 2 year travelversay. On March 13, 2007 I sat in the offices of Edina Realty near my home in Minnesota and signed the documents which transferred ownership of my house to the family which purchased it. I handed them the keys and from that moment, I […]

Daily Travel Photo – Dead Sea, Israel

This is the view of the Dead Sea as seen from the top of Mount Masada. The mountains in the distance are Jordan. The square in the lower right is the remains of an ancient Roman legion encampment from the siege of Masada.

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