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Daily Travel Photo – Death Valley, California

The straight and narrow road is very dry. Death Valley, California

The straight and narrow road is very dry. Death Valley, California

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  1. Davy says:

    The picture is facile in composition. It lacks any broadness of colour or depth of tone. The subject — a simple broad horizontal line of riverbed — could not be more uninteresting. The only value of this photograph is as a private travel memento.

  2. kniteli says:

    that (I believe) is the road between baker and pahrump. yes there is a speed limit and it IS patrolled, but I’ve gone almost 140mph down that stretch, and have actually never been pulled over on that road.

  3. samma says:

    In these places the speed limit is controlled by aircraft. lol. beautiful photo though.

  4. Looks like a bumpy road. Nice photography pity about the speed limit.

  5. CANDACE says:

    looks like a stretch of HWY 190 between Stovepipe and Panamint. There are some big elevation changes in that stretch.

  6. Which stretch of Death Valley road is this? I’m heading there in 2 weeks for the wildflowers and am trying to figure out what parts I (and my still wimpy leg muscles) can bike. I love to get out of the car when I can in parks, even if they are deserts!

  7. JoAnna says:

    Stunning photo. Isn’t Death Valley beautiful?

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