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I Am Outta Here!

Posted by on January 7, 2010

Conditions at the airport

This is where I am.... Taken with my iPhone

Some are calling this the worst winter in 25 years. The entire island of Great Britain is covered with snow. In Florida, the entire orange crop is threatened by freezing weather. Flights in Tampa, (TAMPA!) were delayed because of ice. This morning when I woke up there was another two inces of snow and as I sit here at the Green Bay airport writing this, I can’t see across the runway because of the blowing snow.

I couldn’t have picked a better time to leave.


Why I Don’t Enter Photography Contests

Posted by on January 5, 2010

If you want to use my photos, at least give me more than a losing lottery ticket

I often get sent links from readers about various photos contests they think I should enter. It is flattering that they think my works is good enough to win, but the fact is I never enter photo contests. Never.

A recent contest sponsored by Frommers is a great example and seems pretty typical of most photo contests. Frommers is offering the winner of the contest $5,000 and a spot on the cover of one of their guidebooks. Indeed, if I was offered $5,000 for the cover of a guidebook, I’d take it. Even if Frommers got nothing out of the contest other than the right to use the winning photos, it would still be a good deal for them. It is probably less than what a full blown photo shoot might cost if they were to hire a professional photographer. (more…)