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Daily Travel Photo – Solomon Islands

Posted by on February 18, 2009

Old Port, Rennell Island, Solomon Island

Old Port, Rennell Island, Solomon Island

This is the old “port” on the island of Rennell where the boats used to land to bring supplies to the island. It is really nothing more than a beach near an opening in the reef.

Getting to the beach is about a 300 foot climb down very steep steps. The new boat landing has a road which allows for trucks to carry supplies.

When I asked to go down to the old port they thought I was weird, but agreed to take me. No one had been down to the beach in years. Me and two guides equipped with nothing more than machetes (to open coconuts).

People have a fantasy about desolate, pristine beaches. Unfortunately, those two things are impossible to have together. The beach was really cluttered with driftwood, seaweed, and sea shells. Most beaches are cleaned up by people beachcombing. Remove all the people, and a beach will get dirty pretty quick.