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Jane Fonda Was Here

After another 12 hour bus trip, I’ve arrived in Hanoi. It was probably one of the worst bus trips I’ve taken so far. The bus was packed and I got the misfortune of sitting next to a guy who decided to sprawl all over both of the seats.

My cab driver tried to scam me as he took me to my guesthouse.

The weather here is pretty cold for Vietnam. The temperature is getting down to 11C (low 50s Fahrenheit). Most of the locals dress as if it is freezing with scarfs, heavy jackets and heavy hats.

I haven’t had time to see much of Hanoi yet. It seems a bit more dreary than Saigon, but that might just have been arriving at dawn on a Sunday morning. I’m here for two days before going to Ha Long Bay, then returning to Hanoi for a few more days before heading to Laos.

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  1. chinamatt says:

    Never thought I'd be jealous of the weather in Vietnam–it's actually colder in Hanoi than here in Shenzhen.

  2. prettyeskimo says:

    New adventure voyeur here, will be peeking in on your travels more often. I've been going through some of the old archives and some of the photos are amazing, can't wait for more stories.


  3. I hope your time in Hanoi will be better than your journey to go there, that stuff unfortunately could happen to any traveller, that is part of the adventure.

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